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Team Tequila - Fall 2019:
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GFC/DC/AFC Tequila Scorcher
DC Almaden's River of Shadows
x DC/AFC Tequila With A Twist
owner: Bernie Crain

8x American Field CH
13 hour wins
2019 Texas Open Champion
2019 Region 8 AAA Champion
GFC/DC Almaden's Under Lock And Key
DC/GCH Masked Jack of Diamonds x
DC Almaden's Lone Shadow Dancer
owners: Emmy & Noah Wollenburg

2017-18 Garmin Award Winner
GFC/AFC FireStarter's Crossed The Line
FC Making R-Point x
FC Windtuck's Enough Said
owner: Andi Christensen & Vicki Rankin

2x American Field CH/6x RU
9 hour wins
2019 Nebraska Championship RU
2019 Kansas Championship RU
GFC/DC Hoochie Coochie Man
FC/AFC Ramblin' Man
x Independence Day
owner: Pam Baird

FC Crescent City Girl
NAGDC/DC/AFC Clyde's Double Trouble
x CH Starlight's Zeta Tauri
owner: Petra & Barry Steinmetz

DC FireStarter's All In
Ugh Stumblin' From the Shadows
x CH DeCan's Bitterroot Bridgette
owner: Andi Chrisensen

DC/AFC Alar's Dirty Dancer
DC Lost Creek Timber Ridge
x DC Alar's Sky Dancer
owner: Jessica Carlson

Ch. Shadow's Tribute To TJ
DC Shadow Attack x
Sniksoh Tequila Caliente
owner: Janet Gabriel

Treasure States Toby MacDaddy
FC/AFC FireStarter's Crossed The Line
x SKF Little Miss Beretta, JH
owner: Ron & Pam Noe

Arrow's Autumn Sage
DC/AFC Beaver's Straight Arrow
x Autumn's Silver Sage JH
owner: Jo Ann Kish

Treasure States Tooney's Tribute
DC/AFC Beaver's Straight Arrow
x SKF Little Miss Beretta, JH
owners: Ron & Pam Noe

FC/AFC Wild Wild Willie
DC Shadow Attack x
DC Alar's Tango Bar
owner: Steve Cosgriff
Ch. TJ's Brightest Jewel
NFC/DC/AFC Tequila's Joker x
DC/AFC Alar's Dirty Dancer
owners:Joe Cummings,
Scott Kohler & Brad Sutherland

Ch. Simon's Standing Stone
DC/GCH Ory's Marshall Dillon x
CH Crosscreek Millicent of the Mountains
owner: Nancy Hensley McCullough
Rev'n Gunrunner's Tilly
FC Felter's Rev'n Lobo x
Gun Runner's Diamond Forever
owner: Weldon Eberhardt

2x American Field CH
Scout Upland Trailblazer
Frosty Meadows Johnny Be
x Poor Boys Delight II
owner: Weldon Eberhardt
Royal Flush Poker Face
HMB Tommy Tom x
Royal Flush Showgirl
owners:Samantha James & Dan Dodson

Tequila's Triple Threat
DC Hoochie Coochie Man
x Tequila Zenyatta
owners: Pam Baird & Jessica Carlson

Puppy & Derby pointed
Rebel's Fly Me To The Moon
Rebel's Hightail Lukedogg
x Rev'n Gunrunner's Tilly
owner: Weldon Eberhardt

Puppy & Derby pointed
Montana Big Sky's Belle, JH
DC Warbonnet's Orion in the Big Sky JH
x Big Sky's Montana Gem
owner: David Carey

some of the past Champions trained & handled by Ed

DC/AFC Tequila With A Twist
owner: Jessica Carlson
6x American Field CH/6x Runner-Up
record 25 Hour All Age Placements
American Brittany Club Hall of Fame

[web page]

DC Shadow Attack
owner: Phil Dangerfield
5x American Field CH/1x Runner-Up
2012 US Open Champion
[web page]

DC/AFC Shadow's Tequila Tryst
owner: Jessica Carlson
3x American Field CH/1x Runner-Up
2014 US Open Champion
[web page]

DC/AFC TJ's Prairie Blizzard
owner: Vicki Rankin
1x American Field CH/6x Runner-Up
33 Hour All Age Placements
[web page]

DC/AFC Beaver's Straight Arrow
owner: Richard Beaver
2012 & 2013 Magnum's Masked Man
Gun Dog Award Winner

[web page]

DC/GCH Masked Jack of Diamonds
owners: Rod & Carol Maves
2011 Magnum's Masked Man Award Winner
finished October 2010
[web page]

FC/AFC Shadows In A Twist
owners: Jim Austin & Jessica Carlson
finished October 2013
[web page]

DC KD's Slip And Slide
owners: Debbie & Tom Jagielski
1x American Field CH/2x Runner-Up
finished May 2009
[web page]

DC Lost Creek Timber Ridge
owners: George & Cindy McCann
2009 NFC 3rd place
finished November 2008

DC Alar's Sky Dancer
owners: Farinas, Schanzenbacher & Carlson
finished February 2011
[web page]

DC Almaden's Lone Shadow Dancer
owner: Sherry Larsen
finished January 2011
[web page]

DC Warbonnet Orion
In The Big Sky JH

owners: Melody Edwards, T & S Breitenfeldt
finished October 2014
[web page]

FC/AFC JJ's Tasmanian Devil
owners: Joe Williams & Jenny Ro
finished September 2012

DC Schonhund Winning Wager
owners: Emmy & Noah Wollenburg
finished April 2016
[web page]

DC/AFC Kinwashkly Tempo
owner: Leslie Andreas
finished April 2016

FC Hanging Jaze Howlalewya Amen
owners: Jake & JoJo Schroder
multiple hour placements
finished October 2008

Ugh Stumblin' From The Shadow
owner: Nick Blasi
multiple hour placements
2010 Victoire Nationale Derby Champion

DC Sawtooth Sam's IVRunner MH
owners: Ken & Paula Barber
2007 NGDC & NFC qualifier
finished March 2007
owner: Ben Hunt
2012 Victoire Nationale Derby Champion
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